These Terms of Service cover your use of Moodbeam’s website. By using the site, you are accepting these terms. We want you to understand how the site works so we’ve tried to keep the language as clear as possible. If you’ve got a more technical query, contact us and we’ll answer as best we can.

This policy covers pages on the domain only and may change from time to time to take account of new services or alternative wording/spelling. The date of the most recent change(s) should always be displayed on the page. Any major changes to the terms of service for current support services will be communicated to existing users. Other sites that we link to (e.g. Facebook) have their own terms of service which will be displayed on their websites. You can find more information on the third-party tools used on

If you can’t find the information you want here, it might be covered in our Privacy Policy. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch. Lastly, please let us know if anything isn’t working correctly for you around the site and we’ll try to figure out what the problem might be.

General site

You’re free to use most sections of the site as you please – this includes sharing links with others, printing off pages, saving copies of any PDFs we’ve provided, etc. Please remember that the copyright belongs to us though (or, in some cases, has been cleared by us and credited appropriately). This means that you should not pass any of this work off as your own. The site is provided free of charge and we have no plans to change this.

We do have a few restrictions, though. When using the site, do not break any laws or add misleading comments or posts. This means that spam, traffic-bombing, hacking, the spreading of viruses, trojans or any other malicious code, and trying to harvest information from the site for any of these purposes are all forbidden.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. We accept comments on some sections of the site. These posts and comments are subject to moderation by Moodbeam staff and we reserve the right to remove them (or choose not to publish them at all) as we see fit.

Is my use of confidential?

While our Privacy Policy explains more fully what data is collected about visitors’ usage of our website, please note that use of our support services is confidential within normal limits only. We have designed the website so that you can choose how open you wish to be. We only ask for personal details like your email address where necessary, e.g. to register for additional services or sign up for events. If you are giving us personal details, please make sure they’re correct or you may not be able to do what you’d planned. Lastly, please note that comments left on the website news and events pages are intended for public viewing.

I gave you my email address – am I on a mailing list?

Not unless you asked to be. We don’t display email addresses publicly as part of comments/forum posts and we will never sell any email addresses that we have been given to a third party.

Depending on how and why you gave us your email address, it might be used to send you automatic notifications about site comments, to reply to a message you sent us, to thank you for a donation, to confirm orders from our online book store, to send you fundraising/event information or to update you on site services. If we make a mistake at any point, just let us know and we’ll correct it. What third-party tools are used on this site?

Some parts of are powered by applications or widgets designed by third parties. These include the Facebook ‘like’ button, the Twitter follow button, our laser/credit card processing system, media hosting sites like Flickr and YouTube , the ShareThis widget and Google Maps embeds. For free events, we occasionally use online registration software.

We have chosen these tools for their trustworthiness – for more information, including their terms of service, follow the links above. Access to these services is carefully controlled within Moodbeam and all administrator accounts are protected by secure passwords.

You can access our Support Mail service by emailing or by filling out the form on that page of our website. Filling out the contact form is the equivalent of sending an email – the service is confidential within the normal limits but we need to know your email address to be able to reply to your message. This email address is for depression support only. For general queries about volunteering, fundraising, etc., please use the details on our Contact Us page.

Emails to the support service are handled by Moodbeam staff. We do not give medical advice and it is not a diagnostic service. Always see your doctor about any symptoms or side effects that you are concerned about.

The service is confidential within normal limits only and your email address is used only to reply to your message. We will never add addresses from the email support service to our email newsletter subscriber list (although you are free to sign up yourself using the same address). We may gather statistics on the use of the service (e.g. number of emails received, whether queries are from sufferers or family members, etc.) but these will not involve personal data. However please be aware that personal data given by using the email support service is confidential within normal limits only.

Remember too that you do not have to use your primary email account to contact us – it is entirely up to you what email address you use and you will receive our reply as long as you have access to the inbox for that account. You should not enter an email address into any of our online contact forms if you do not have access to that account. If your email address has been submitted, accidentally or otherwise, just let us know when we ‘reply’ to you that there has been a mistake.