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Give your people a voice. Create a happier workplace.

Moodbeam is a free solution enabling your people to feedback on the highs and lows of their working day in real time. This is so much more than a survey.

Moodbeam Dashboard showing example of Mood Score, Mood Comparison chart, Moodbeam Mobile App and list of locations, teams and individuals.Moodbeam Dashboard showing example of Mood Score, Mood Comparison chart, Moodbeam Mobile App and list of locations, teams and individuals.

See how events at work make your people feel, in real time...

With this powerful new information you can now engage with people and teams at the right moment, identifying where change can create positive outcomes and happier people.

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The benefits
of happy people

Moodbeam focuses on the simple idea that by giving your people a voice, organisations can create the kind of culture where people and teams can adapt and thrive.

For Your People

For Your People

Individual support

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Early intervention

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A score for happiness

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A voice for change

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For Your Organisation

Happy people stay with the organisation

Happy employees stay twice as long in their job compared to unhappy employees.

For Your Organisation

Happy people are more productive

It has been shown that the happiest workers are twice as productive than their less happy colleagues.

Happy people have improved wellbeing

Since 2020 76% people now say work-life balance is more important to them.

Happy people take fewer sick days

Happier employees take 10 times fewer sick days than those who are unhappy in their work.

Share and compare Moodbeam scores across the organisation.

See how the Moodbeam Happiness Score changes each day to show how people are feeling within the business. The Moodbeam Happiness Score is generated for individuals, teams or groups, and the organisation as a whole and adapts to reflect the chosen date range. Compare the Happiness score across selected groups such as teams, locations, gender, ethnicity, new starters, or any other chosen groupings (Moodbeam Circles).

If we take the happiness agenda seriously and make the changes that would enhance wellbeing at work, we could see real bottom-line benefits in terms of sickness absence and greater productivity from more engaged workers.

Stephen Bevan - Managing Director of the Work Foundation


Workers are 13% more productive when happy

Research by Oxford University's Saпd Business School, in collaboration with BT

Creates a closer connection with new starters and those returning to work.

Good communication with new starters is vital to ensure they are integrating well and happy in their new role. Moodbeam gives new starters a voice to provide real-time feedback on their experience so they can be encouraged and supported where necessary. Without this communication a new starter may become unhappy and leave for reasons which could have been addressed with the greater awareness which Moodbeam provides. The loss of a new starter comes at great cost to a business which then needs to start the recruitment process again whilst having to deal with the impact of the vacant position for what is often several months.

Identifies success in teams and people.

Comparing the happiness of teams can create new insight into what makes a successful team or project. This learning can be transferred to other parts of the organisation to great effect.

Evidences the impact of change and the effectiveness of new and existing support initiatives.

The real-time effect on the mood of the people in the organisation can be measured in response to changes made. This might be internal organisational change or the impact of external factors. The allows the organisation to understand and adapt quickly leading to improved decision making.

Shows when and where support is needed.

Problems can be identified quickly as a drop in the mood of people and teams can be an early indicator of developing issues which can be picked up before a problem is allowed to escalate.

A Score For Happiness
Individual Support
Shared Learning
Early Intervention

Happy people are more productive.

The research is clear, happier people are more productive, and this has a direct impact on revenue and profitability.

Happy people stay with the organisation.

The retention of talent is vital to building a great organisation. There is plenty of evidence to show that happy people stay with a business and people who are not happy are much more likely to leave.

Happy people take less sick days.

Absenteeism is a significant cost to all organisations. Once again the research is clear. Happier employees have fewer days lost to sickness absence than unhappy employees.

Happy people result in happy customers.

Research has highlighted that happy employees result in happy customers and happy customers are more loyal.

Happy people create an inclusive culture.

Organisations know that they have a responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. Moodbeam provides a wellbeing measure and a tool that can be used to identify those who might need more support and shows the organisation is prepared to invest in supporting their people.

Increased Productivity
Improved Retention
Reduced Absenteeism
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Improved Wellbeing

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A dashboard for positive change

This isn’t a once a year survey, this is everyday organisational self-awareness.

Through your Moodbeam dashboard, uncover valuable insights into the happiness of your organisation, track progress and inform change based on real and continuous feedback from your people.

Image showing the Moodbeam Dashboard
Image showing the Moodbeam Dashboard

Measure happiness across your organisation

As well as knowing how happy your organisation is as a whole, every location, team and individual has their own Mood Score updated in real time as your people report their highs and lows through their working day.

Image showing an example of Moodbeam Mood Score


Quickly and easily compare how mood has changed over a selected period of time.


Sort and search with ease to find those teams or individuals that could use a little extra support.


Build detailed reports giving you trends and insights into the mood of your organisation month by month.

Everything you need to give your people a voice

We've made it as easy as possible for your people to report how events throughout the working day make them feel.

Now, every member of your team can give valuable feedback in the moment using either the Moodbeam App or Moodbeam Pod.

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Moodbeam has brought us closer as a team and users felt they had their concerns voiced and listened to. The dashboard allowed real time monitoring allowing help to be provided when it was most needed


Image alongside testimonial of Kiran Johnson from Primary Care Direct

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