Business Development Manager

Sam Wright

Sam joined the Moodbeam team on a part time basis in November 2018 after studying Business Management at the University of Hull.  Sam successfully graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in July 2018.  Early on in his 3rd year at University, he came across Moodbeam whilst studying an Entrepreneurship module.  Since this, Sam has showed immense interest in being involved.  Only in July 2019 has Sam become a full time team member, taking up the role of Business Development Manager.

As a new graduate, Sam has knowledge in various aspects of both business and management procedures.  He has put into practice this knowledge in helping Moodbeam develop different areas of the business operations, whether this be with customers, suppliers, working procedures or the product and application itself.  Sam has a keen interest in developing particular areas of Moodbeam, improving the efficiency and overall the user experience.