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About Moodbeam

Our goal is to help organisations create a culture where everyone feels happy and included.

The greatest asset of any organisation is its people, and when our people are happy the organisation thrives. Moodbeam can show where happiness lives, in the organisation, in teams, and in people, every day. This powerful metric is a measure of wellbeing and a driver for positive change and business success.

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About Moodbeam

Pioneering happiness in people and teams in 2021

Moodbeam has been starting conversations since 2016, and its ability to bring greater understanding and insight to people naturally found its way into organisations who want to gain new insights into how their people and teams are feeling each day while at work. Our goal is to help organisations develop a better culture where every person feels happy and included, because happy people help businesses thrive.

Originally created to allow someone to instantly and easily capture a moment in their day, Moodbeam offers a path to greater understanding and connection on how something made you or someone else feel.

This greater awareness means we can appreciate and do more of what makes us happy, but also acknowledge and change what makes us unhappy. By sharing how you feel, others can be there to support you when you need them most.

For business, the introduction of Moodbeam sends a powerful message to the people in your organisation that you are listening and that you care. The message is clear, you are investing in their wellbeing. Each Moodbeam voice maps the happiness of your people and teams and where happiness is missing the opportunity presents itself to understand, support, and introduce change in pursuit of a happier workplace.

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The Moodbeam team is made up of seasoned individuals who have dedicated their lives to perfecting and honing solutions, whether it be in tech, health, innovation, enterprise, user experience, software, hardware or communications.

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