Capture and track your mood at the click of a button.


Introducing Moodbeam.

Moodbeam is a simple, stylish, intuitive product that helps you easily track how you feel by logging your emotional wellbeing at the click of a button. From its discreet wearable to its online mobile platform, Moodbeam gives insight into how your moods change over time, showing patterns and trends that can support positive change in you and those you care about.

Moodbeam in 3 steps

Start the conversation

Moodbeam promotes fruitful conversation, encouraging us to take care of our mental health and to be informed and equipped for what lies ahead.

Designed for both personal use and to support those close to you, it's a real conversation starter. Moodbeam’s multi-generational use creates a visible connection for families and businesses who can’t always check in with one another every day. 

We believe that logging how we feel and keeping a diary of those daily emotions is the key to detection and prevention.

Who can use Moodbeam?

For personal wellbeing

Keep track of how you are feeling on a daily basis.  See how activities have an effect on how you feel, and make improvements to your life based on the patterns you see. It's time to evidence your moods, your way.

For loved ones, family and friends

Whether it is for your children, an elderly parent or a close friend you are helping through a hard time, Moodbeam will help you connect and really begin talking about what matters in the lives of your loved ones.

For medical and health care services

Getting to know how someone in your care really feels is often difficult.  Moodbeam gives you and your patient or client a focus for conversation, leading to honest and frank discussions that can help everyone see the bigger picture and make steps to improve mental wellbeing and personal health.

For the workplace

Knowing how your staff, team or management really feel is tough when set against a busy backdrop of hustle and bustle.  The mental wellbeing of your organisation is important, not only for your business or place of work, but for each and every individual. 

Moodbeam mobile applications

Understand more about your mood

For us, simplicity is key to making sense of your moods and finding the patterns in your life that shape how you feel.

Through our non technical, hand held Moodbeam device, you can instantly sync your Moodbeam Moments directly to a range of applications and devices, giving you a true picture of what is going on. 

Not only can you gain insight into your own personal journey, but you can connect the Moodbeam devices of those closest to you to to get a better understanding of how they feel at any one time. 

How it works

We all have a story that needs telling, let us tell you ours.

Read how the situation of a mum and daughter led to the creation of Moodbeam.

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